EXCLUSIVE: Babylord Lucci Lives Abundantly in "Anthem" Visual with "It Never Happened"

Babylord Lucci is a lot of things when the time presents itself, he’s a fashion director, actor, culture influencer, and rapper. And everything that he associates himself with is rooted opulence.

February 2, 2022 by Jamel
BabyLordLucci Anthem

That brings us to his video for “Anthem.” Shot in a castle the house is Drake’s “The Embassy House,” big. But talk is bigger. In front of a soft marble water feature Babylord Lucci raps, while floating under at least 6 different Italian Chandeliers, “Get paid, if you scared to go to church get saved, I’m bossy b**** I’m made.” Patterson, New Jersey has never looked this good. 

That was last year and his only visual off of “Say it if You’re Scared.” Enter his next chapter an EP titled It Never Happened

Lucci is in his Louie change pocket on this EP. On “Onyx,” you can smell the vintage designer stylings when he states,

Home girl got rich trappin iPhones, and she Asian counting money with her eyes closed. Other stands outs are Pledge Allegiance and Float. 

BabyLord Lucci is a goat and he just got started, my suggestion, tap in and learn how to get money unapologetically. 

It Never Happened


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