Rising Artist Online Trapp Has Been Able to Solidify His Sound

Upcoming artist Online Trapp is the latest breakout artist from Cincinnati, OH.

November 1, 2021 by Vuulm
Instagram: @onlinetrapp4 Photo credit: @storyvisualz

Online Trapp grew his fanbase after dropping his first single title, “Jay” along with his hit project titled “Provolone”. The project quickly gained popularity and received positive feedback. This solidified Trapp as the next hottest artist from Cincinnati adding him to the pool of talented artists from his city.

Since starting his music career in 2018, Trapp has been able to evolve and find his sound. In an interview with AMillion Magazine, he states, “You really need to be true to yourself, you can’t be pursuing this for other people”. Trap also mentions that he is focused on creating music about his real life and telling a story.

Trapp already made a name for himself by collaborating with two well-known artists, Insomnia Lambs and Justbeanz on his latest singles. He has been able to solidify his sound with the release of his new single "No Friendz" featuring Justbeanz. The song is about the struggle of maintaining focus and how it can be hard when you are constantly surrounded by distractions.

No Friendz

Online Trapp feat. Justbeanz

2021 · 1 songs · 151 plays

Trapp’s upcoming EP will be dropping in early 2022, with a lot of new music and collaborations with other artists. His unique sound has been refined by the work he has done with his producers to create an exciting sound that is sure to keep him on the rise as one of Cincinnati’s hottest up-and-coming stars.

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