Taylor Gang’s Sledgren Teams Up With Wiz Khalifa And Larry June On The Newest Vibe "Chill With Me"

Summer is far from near, but Sledgren has brought the heat with “Chill With Me,” the latest single out of Taylor Gang.

January 14, 2022 by Xavvi

Wiz Khalifa and Larry June team up with Sledgren to create a melodic vibe with a strong flow from both rappers. Known for his catchy and fun hooks Wiz took advantage of the structure of Sledgren’s production with this mellow track. “Won’t you come chill with me, see how you feel with me.” The boastful lyrics and charismatic delivery we expect from Wiz takes the song to another level.  Blending of sounds gave Larry June a good pocket in which he picked up where Wiz Khalifa left off, giving us smooth bars that produce the classic head-nodding that only solid Hip Hop can provide.

The Bay area staple delivered on this track and gives us a glimpse into what we can look forward to throughout the year. With two fire rappers, excellent production is obviously needed and Sledgren does not disappoint. The quality of work is outstanding, from the kicks to the cadences, everything came together into a cohesive track with dope visuals to match. We find the trio along with others in a classic mansion, laid with intricate designs and exuberant luxuries. 

Every scene is filled with people drinking, smoking and vibing out. Beautiful women are cut in with a more intimate setting, providing a sensual mood along with the chill structure of the song itself. Simple, clean, and smooth, just like visuals for this type of music should be. “Chill With Me” should be in all of your chill playlists.

Close Friends with Wiz Khalifa since high school, Sledgren’s chill and blissful beats helped to define the sound of Pittsburgh. Having worked on Wiz Khalifa’s “Kush & Orange Juice” and Mac Miller’s “GO:OD AM,” the Taylor Gang producer’s attention to detail has earned him notoriety in the music industry. Other artists who have been able to rap on Sledgren’s beats consist of: Curren$y, Babyface Ray, Starlito and Doe Boy.

Sledgren has also been able to show off his artistry with instrumental tapes, including “Enigma” and “Sagittarius Luv 2” which fully explore his immersive and atmospheric soundscapes. Before the year’s end, Sledgren collaborate with Cardo and Wiz for “Wiz Got Wingz,” a joint project released in December. Sledgren continues to build his catalog and further develop his sound.

We can’t wait to see what other collaborations he has planned for 2022.

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