The Life of Bill$

As a nine year old, Bill$ developed an affinity for music once he began singing at the church choir. Fast forward, once Bill$ graduated high school DJing became a passion for him.

August 18, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: thedonbills

“One of the reasons why I became a disc hockey player was due to an annoyance that developed from people playing the same music constantly at parties”, admits Bill$.

Consequently, one aspect that he learned in terms of music industry politics was that different songs represent moods. Each track conveys emotions that develop into positivity or negativity.

“My biggest influences come from my friends and family, especially in regards to learning how to freestyle”, states Bill$.

Currently, he is preparing to drop his second project on September 1st “So What’s Next?”.

“As a young adult, there are daily obstacles that I face when it comes to decision making. Many of my peers question if I will be attending dental school, staying in Detroit, and what happened with Dallas”, explains Bill$.

“So What’s Next?” will enter the deep consciousness of my mind that I have yet to tap into. I am quite ecstatic to see the responses that will come from this piece of work”, says Bill$.

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