The Mysterious Life of J3RRY HOMES

The recent NFT craze has been something that has taken the world by a quick uproar as of late.
October 31, 2021 by Alexandria Anglade
Instagram: @j3rryhomes

Upcoming artist J3RRY HOMEShas bridged the gap between music and NFTs in this latest interview.

When asked what exactly inspired his NFT collection, J3RRY HOMES stated the following…

“The collection was simply inspired by my project releasing soon “SNCOV1” (Songs Never Coming Out Volume 1). I wanted to share exclusive content with my supporters and to also share my extra creative ideas”, states J3RRY.

In addition, J3RRY has also released a new single “How I feel”.

“I recorded my latest single “How I feel” in a day. I wrote the song first before I made the beat. I was feeling down and overthinking my worth as a creative and just had to get that energy off me. After I finished the hook and parts of the song I started making the beat and recorded right on to it”, proclaims J3RRY HOMES.



How I Feel

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