Xavvi Shares Odysseus Single Feat. Samad Savage

Vuulm writer Xavvi lives an artistic double life. When he’s not busy turning out top notch write-ups for us he’s putting together well thought out highly produced rap songs.

February 8, 2022 by Vuulm

The Orlando, FL native is a pure lyricist at heart his song “Odysseus” featuring Samad Savage showcases a hungry up and comer who is looking to make a name for himself.

Production on “Odysseus” is helmed by Riko Tha’ Producer, Xavvi’s main musical collaborator. Over classic boom bap, sweeping strings, and a crunchy snare Xavvi utilizes a sped-up, double-time flow that is reminiscent of the rap that seasoned rap fans yearn. 

Xavvi spits, 

“I hated your way of living  You’re living a life regretting And settling for the benefit Of someone whose irrelevant.”

Xavvi says about the record, “I wanted to showcase intricate wordplay, cadence, and breath control. Also, to establish that I can compete at all levels and swim with the sharks. And Samad Savage is a shark.” I concur with Xavvi’s assertion about his approach on “Odysseus.” Respect is what Xavvi is rapping for, not money or things. But the respect of his peers.

We look forward to supporting Xavvi on his musical journey. 

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