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DDG’s story remains a rarity for rap. The high school valedictorian turned himself into a self-made multi-millionaire by hustling on YouTube as he simultaneously rapped his way to the forefront of hip-hop. However, he consistently shakes up the status quo with unpredictable and undeniable bangers. After 2018’s Take Me Serious, he rose to the top of the hip-hop class on VALEDICTORIAN. Within just a year, the single “ARGUMENTS” scored his first gold certification. Igniting 2020, he achieved a major breakthrough with “Moonwalking In Calabasas (Remix)” [feat. BLUEFACE], earning a ubiquitous hit and his second gold plaque in the process. In the aftermath, he appeared in features by the likes of Esquire and more, while Lyrical Lemonade professed him to be a “Rap Star in the Making.” Generating over half-a-billion total streams and views and building a rabid fan base, DDG’s influence proves downright inescapable. His story has only just begun to get really interesting.