Dj Da Kidd

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By the age of 14 LeAndre better known as Dj Da Kidd knew where his heart laid growing up in Atlantic City , New Jersey. Not only did his mother inspire him most to enter the music world, he was musically influenced by watching various DJ Jazzy Jeff tapes pushed him to strive and work harder, not only to become a rapper but to become a producer and DJ as well. It was there at a birthday party where he had his first encounter working the turn tables, he knew he wanted to become a DJ. He has toured across the U.S with a few major recording artists from Def Jam. Thirteen years later, he is now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada and recently opened his own recording studio called " No Big Deal Promotional Recording Studio". DJ Da Kidd also DJs and hosts for beach parties, night clubs and writes music. DJ Da Kidd main focus of genre is Hip Hop, R&B, Rap and EDM. Though he loves playing in day clubs, nightclubs, and special events, his passion for music goes beyond your average musician. As a DJ, producers, and recording artist, he has found plenty of ways to express himself through his music.