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Austin’s Dubbo is poised to be one of Texas’ latest to leave their stamp on the game. The boisterous rapper’s appeal hinges upon a belligerent flow and magnetic presence, comprising his artillery-like musical aesthetic. After clawing his way up the ranks, Dubbo has developed a “by any means necessary” mentality. He’s not here to play games — he’s here to win. Leveraging his immediate resources and surroundings, Dubbo has cultivated a formidable online music profile. His catalogue is explosive, whose energy is further illuminated by his compelling ensemble videos and raucous live shows. In a competitive landscape, Dubbo’s voice cuts through the clutter; he cannot be stifled. Armed with a fierce grit, hustle, and vision, Dubbo is also the leader of the Texas-based imprint, Double O Records, which, as part of Dubbo’s signing to Babygrande, has struck a joint venture deal with the New York-based label. Double O Records, helmed by indie executives Donny Cash and Cady Falkner, uses their discerning ear to identify the diamonds buried in Texas’ cavernous artist pool.