Lil Double 0

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Despite all of its tourist charm and history, Memphis, TN unfortunately ranks as one of the most dangerous cities, if not “the most dangerous city in America,” according to various studies and statistics. Against a backdrop of pain, darkness, and loss, Lil Double 0 has quietly clawed his way out of the mud in Memphis and into the conversation as a contender. His storytelling echoes a truth lived in the face of tragedy, while he wields an inimitable and infectious flow of his own. Even though the streets called to him, he turned to music. In 2020, he picked up a microphone and never put it down, unleashing a flurry of independent songs and multiple mixtapes. By 2021, he attracted hip-hop royalty to his corner with Future as an early champion. Simultaneously, he unleashed the Walk Down Gang mixtape. Among numerous highlights, “U Sellin Dope” [with Future] generated 6.4 million Spotify streams and 1.5 million YouTube views, and “Area 51 (Remix) [with Pooh Shiesty] surpassed 1 million Spotify streams and 2.4 million YouTube views. After racking up tens of millions of streams and views and earning acclaim from the likes of Dirty Glove Bastard, Daily Chiefers, and more, the 19-year-old pushes forward in pursuit of excellence on his 2022 mixtape Walk Da World [Open Shift Distro]—introduced by the single “Good On Love” [with Future]. Regardless of where he began, Lil Double 0 set his sights on greatness up ahead at any and all costs.