Molly Brazy

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Praised by XXL as "one of the dopest rappers coming out of Detroit," the brash and boisterous Molly Brazy is a rapper on the rise. Twisting her doubletime flow around floating flutes courtesy of producers Rocaine and Go Grizzly, the 18-year-old rapper fires a warning shot on "Big Brazy," her latest video. Stunting in the shadows and threatening with her AK, "Big Brazy" is a showcase for Molly's considerable charisma. "Big Brazy" is the title track from her forthcoming project Big Brazy, the follow-up to January's Molly World, which features appearances from BandGang Masoe and Cash Kidd. 
 Born and raised in Detroit, Molly Brazy gained notoriety by uploading freestyle videos to Instagram, ballooning her presence to over 688,000 followers. With an additional 265k likes on Facebook, 62.3k followers on Twitter, and 36.6k likes on SoundCloud, Molly Brazy has become a social media sensation for her rapping prowess. In her short career, Molly Brazy has already collaborated with some of the most significant figures in Detroit rap, including BandGang, RJ Lamont, Rocaine, and many others.