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Known most for rapid and antagonistic verses and also effective when he switches to the leisurely and melodic, rapper Quin NFN has broadened his audience far outside his Austin, Texas home base with singles such as "Game Time, Pt. 2" (2017) and "Talkin' My Shit" (2019).

A native of Northeast Austin, Quinlan McAfee started rhyming as a youngster -- inspired most by Lil Wayne -- and began to take his talent seriously just before he started high school. He was known on a strictly local level until 2017, when Say Cheese TV hosted his video for "Game Time, Pt. 2" on their YouTube channel. Quin put aside his high school studies to concentrate on music, and in 2018 released several commercial singles, including the third and fourth parts of "Game Time," and made his first appearance at Austin's SXSW festival. A steady supply of singles and another SXSW appearance continued through 2019, with "Talkin' My Shit" among his rawest and yet most popular tracks.
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