AMG Tone's "The Wait is Over" Is A Project You Have To Hear To Believe

Ocean Five signee AMG Tone is straight from Cincinnati, Ohio, and is both the right amount of rapper and the right amount of hustler.

November 26, 2021 by Xavvi

He is what everything out there is, and he's also himself. That's the biggest compliment that can be given to any new artist. Familiarity is the gateway to acceptance. With one listen to his first body of work, an EPThe Wait Is Over You can't help but believe he belongs.

In 2019, at the age of 20, rap began to click for AMG Tone, largely because an older brother provided the necessary encouragement for Tone to apply his street hustle to music. Outwork your peers, release after release. It is that consistency that allowed him to separate himself from other artists in his city.

AMG Tone

The Wait Is Over

2021 · 7 songs · 119 plays

It takes confidence to make it as a rapper and his song, “Lit pt 2,” AMG Tone showcases how easy rap is for him. Said with otherworldly confidence, a not-so-subtle simple flex like, "How I passed these niggas up when they had a head start." In other words, AMG Tone is outside. Adding his own flavor to the hottest sub-genre of rap music, drill AMG Tone provides the listener with what can only be described as "familiar distinction." Does his sound, sound familiar? Yes. Does his sound, sound distinct? Yes, again. @exit5_tone - "Grind time" Photography: @storyvisualz

AMG Tone draws noticeable influence from popular artists, but bends and blends Drill, Trap, Cloud Rap, and Rage all into one project. Another stand-out track, is "Business Man," over a bouncy beat AMG Tone articulates that he's about his money, his family, and standing on his opp's throats while having sexual relations with their main chicks. AMG Tone is really good at keeping it really honest, "Just give me head hoe, I'm not with the dating." With features from, Jayy2paid, Benji Baggz, Kmo Margeila and Kapp Los there is a lot of variety to keep your attention.

It's patently clear that Tone made a concerted effort to adapt his delivery, tone, and cadence to many different sounds and tempos of his choice production. Painting a picture that brings the listener into his world, his perspective of life.

Rap works when it's believable, I believe him. And most importantly, AMG Tone's The Wait Is Overslaps.

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