SacsFifth: The First Female Artist Signed To OceanFive Records

Rising artist SacsFifth is preparing for her breakthrough. Earlier this year, she released three new singles: “Beyonce”, "Came A Long Way", and "Embrace Love”.

October 22, 2021 by Vuulm
Instagram: @sacsfifthofficial Photo credit: @storyvisualz

Since relocating to Atlanta, GA from Cincinnati, OH, Sachs has already landed her first major record label deal with OceanFive Records. She has also been featured in “The Case” Artist Showcase Event with Heff VP of Def Jam/Capital Structure Ent. and fellow up-and-coming artists. In addition she was a guest on Clutch Radio and Cincy Underground Radio showcasing her music and connecting with listeners.

"Embrace Love," the latest single from SacsFifth, features Kmo Margeila and Prince Bopp. In her lyrics she speaks on embracing what it means for one's self. The new video directed by @Shooter and Co. is also reaching popularity and is at over 7.5K views on Youtube. 

SacsFifth is one of the most talented female musicians from Cincinnati, shaping her music into something bigger. As she prepares for her breakthrough with new music, she will be branching out beyond media content and press to keep herself consistent on this scene.

Fans of SacsFifth can expect new music, collaborations and projects from her early next year including her highly anticipated mixtape.

Ocean Five Records is an independent record label created to help independent artists distribute, market music promotion, and creating content.

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