2 Pack From Baby Stone Gorillas “Keep Goin” and “Start Sumn”

LA faction the Baby Stone Gorillas keeps momentum with the visuals for their latest releases “Start Sumn,” and “Keep Goin” Trading.

April 6, 2022 by Vuulm
BSG Keep Going

“Keep Goin,” allows for us to see a different look from what we’ve become accustomed to with BSG. Typically we get serious street talk. Now, don’t get it twisted the content is still brash, but this time out it’s light so much so they had their homie Zeke open the video with a funny sermon. All jokes aside the talk is still the talk, but inside a real church though. 

“We don’t vacuum seal its in the tire when we move out/ hit him him and his mans gotta maneuver now”

Baby Stone Gorillas is disciplined and are really committed to making the group work. Their releases have been timely and consistent. It’s clear what BSG is bringing to every track, raw uncut menacing lyrics over west coast beats. BSG make a high unadulterated street music. They couldn’t pretty it up even if they wanted to. 

With the recent BABYST5XNE GORILLASout now, and with co-signs from hometown heroes YG and DJ Mustard, as well as praise from Fredo Bang, Baby Stone Gorillas are here to stay and warn you of one thing: “Don’t ‘Start Sumn,’ won’t be nothing.”

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