LA’s Baby Stone Gorillas Gives Life Lessons in "That’s What You Suppose to Do” Video

What makes a great rap collective is their ability to mesh individual styles, ideas, push each other lyrically, while remembering stand out individually.

March 17, 2022 by Vuulm
Baby Stone Gorillas

Blatantly raw raps are on full display in Baby Stone Gorillas (BSG) latest video offering, “That’s What you Suppose to do” Under the Southern California sun, and while low riders bounce, as a funky true to the coast instrumental slaps the LA quartet P4K, Top5ivee, EKillaOffDaBlocck, and 5Much get their lines off.

There are rappers who rap, and then there are rappers who let you into their lives they are tell no lies, none of what they are saying is being exaggerated or undersold for the matter. 

"Ain't nothin changed but made some change, that's what you supposed to do"

Clearly, BSG are not role models for square kids, but they are for the kids who live the life that parallels the members of BSG. 

With beats from L.A. sound architects like RonRonTheProducer and appearances from 1takejay, Bla$ta, Bandgang Lonnie Bands, and many more, their debut mixtapeBABYST5XNE GORILLAS provides outsiders with a brief glimpse of what it takes to survive in their natural habitat.


Baby Stone Gorillas

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