Cru dropped “iTwerk” Visuals Produced by Toot the Producer

Atlanta native Cru released the video for her infectious “iTwerk” and she didn’t come to play.

February 2, 2022 by Myah
CRU iTwerk

Inspired by the 90’s classic film The Player’s Club, the video is sexy and like most twerk records, its only goal is to make you shake your ***, “iTwerk, arch your back, iTwerk hell you talm’ bout, iTwerk from the back, iTwerk spread them legs, iTwerk move them cheeks.”

Choreographed by Shawna Pops this record is the step-by-step guide to dancing like a stripper and Cru’s get money attitude tells it all,

“Rule number one get money, rule number two fall back, rule number three can’t grab it less you cashin’ out them racks/ Broke n***** get back, I like n***** with a check.”

The visuals, produced by Toot the Producer and shot by LA Made It, open with a voiceover by Dolla Bill played by Bernie Mac from The Player’s Club, and are set in a seductive dim studio space. Cru and her dancers twerk around suspending rope-chains, while the rapper talks her s***. The production ends with voiceovers from Player Club characters, Ebony and Ronnie, the perfect conclusion for a stripper anthem.

Looking to keep her momentum from 2021 Cru dropped two videos in January her latest video, “Birds” featuring Drupac. It was good to see her hold her own against male talent and “Bodied” from her “Big Bag Cru” project. She’s at her best when she’s talking her money talk. money getter. Club anthems are easy for her. Cru puts her money where her mouth is. She's sexy and she knows it, clap your hands.

We picked Cru to be on our 22 Female Rappers we’re Watching in 2022, because she a good. She look it, she talk it, and sound good while doing it. There is a lot of emerging rappers in Atlanta, Cru is a safe bet.

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