Lil Rekk Reclaims his “Time” in Official Video

Charismatic, personality, voice, and disposition. The 22-Year-old Philly native Lil Rekk is a sure thing.

December 17, 2021 by Xavvi
Instagram: @lilrekk

In the JMO directed “Time,” Lil Rekk in an empty dressing room, and while on stage in front of a live crowd, establishes to us what High Bridge The Label sees in him, another can’t miss talent, who is almost assuredly a star. Lil Rekk knows this too. He is aware of the burdens that going for your dreams in front of the depraved world can bring. Aware that he has to survive until his future, he raps, “The Glock in safe hands with me I move like All State.”

The music is Philly rap no question that’s understood in the clever wordplay, but here it’s done with melody like we’ve never heard from the city of brotherly love. Also, there is a vulnerability that doesn’t feel conveniently placed in the song. With “Time,” there is real pain and real regret in his lines.

Lil Rekk, the latest Highbridge The Label signee, is ready to bring his confident and relatable street music to his ever growing fanbase.

Keep your ear to the ground for more major moves in 2022.


Lil Rekk

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