Lil Rekk Shows He Is The “1ONE”

A diamond in the rough is starting to show his shine as Lil Rekk bursts into 2022 with “1ONE,” a project that sets the bar for rap in the new year.

January 14, 2022 by Xavvi

Hailing from Philly, Lil Rekk comes from a tough upbringing, which can be heard in his strong tonality and vulnerable bars. Dealing with the passing of some of his closest friends, all the while supporting his family, Lil Rekk learned life’s valuable lessons throughout his experiences.

Lil Rekk


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At the age of 12, Lil Rekk got “loyalty” tattooed on his chest to express his thought that “loyalty is worth a king’s ransom.” On the topic, Rekk says “It’s not money. It’s not what somebody could do for you. It’s about how they treat you when you’re around, when you’re not around, and the way that somebody carries your name.” With the wisdom this young artist carries, he can portray his life in an audible form with the talent in his voice. Lil Rekk has offered a glimpse into the highs and lows of his life as a rising artist and a new father on “1ONE.” Titled after a nickname received from his peers, Lil Rekk displays his artistic versatility in the wake of his two recent singles, “Time” and “Ooters.” The latter has garnered 1.5 million views on YouTube in the span of just over a month.

I was able to get my hands on 1ONEand I’m glad I had a chance to delve in.

The project is lead by “Confetti,” where Lil Rekk talks his talk with a mix of confident punchlines and a stern tone. In this track, Lil Rekk vows to protect his career by any means. “Shoot em from the corner like Ray Allen, I’m on all angles.” Rekk continues to show his ability to string together witty references that make you replay the song just to catch them. Speaking to the streets, “Confetti” is the perfect song to set the tone for the project. Accompanied by his “From The Block” live performance, Lil Rekk is sure to turn heads with this first track. 

The next track that caught my eye was “Double Tap” which features Detroit’s own 42 Dugg. The two combined to make a possible hood classic that should be heard throughout the streets of Philly and Detroit. Lil Rekk’s versatility shines in this track as he shows his chops in setting the bar for 42 Dugg’s verse. The bars on this track really grew on me and I found myself listening to it on repeat to get a full appreciation of the overall production. The beat itself takes notable sounds from Detroit’s rap identity and blends it well with what Lil Rekk provides in the entire project. “Double Tap” isn’t just a song with a notable feature, it is a strong collaboration that absolutely fits! The result is a song that’s bound to climb the charts and turn more heads towards Lil Rekk’s eventual stardom.

My personal favorite off “1ONE” would have to be “Game Time” which has meaningful bars with a catchy melody. As an artist, I tend to favor lyrics that really mean something and the emphasis on the importance of time is a topic I can really gel with. “Even when we practice it go hard, like it’s game time.” The track embodies the whole vulnerability concept without seeming soft. Lil Rekk reveals the realities of the music game and how fame can change someone’s life for the good and the bad. Making sure the people around him are safe and focusing on his family has really made me a fan of “Game Time.” “Move my little sister out the hood, she got a safe life.” I also appreciate the constant basketball references he makes throughout his music and how he always seems to find the right spot for them. Lil Rekk shows that he came to ball when its “Game Time.”

I always tend to pick a sleeper when reviewing an album and this project’s sleeper is “Outta Control.” I can’t quite put my finger on it, but “Outta Control” gives me a strong feeling that it will find itself on radio regularly. The structure itself seems to fit that recipe of success that many artists search for, while the vocal switch ups keep the song from sounding monotonous. This track has a lifted beat, strong use of autotune, and honest lyrics that keep Lil Rekk transparent with his listeners. The production had to be perfect on this track with all of its flow variations and Lil Rekk’s team hit the bullseye. “Outta Control” is the kind of track that people from all walks of life will enjoy. “My feelings outta control, just like the wind.” The heartfelt single will find its way into your favorite playlist before you know it.

“1ONE” is the right way to start off the year. Released January 14th, this project will be sure to open new doors and opportunities for Lil Rekk. The spotlight will soon be on him and with this added to his catalog, he will be ready for the success.

The Highbridge Label and EMPIRE have found a star from Philly in Lil Rekk and we are glad to share his story this early in his journey.

Lil Rekk is showing the world that he is the “1ONE.”

Lil Rekk


2022 · 12 songs · 117 plays ·  Share

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