Lil Yee Drops Official Video for “Lie Together”

Consistency is the root cause of success and Lil Yee is well aware of that. We last saw Yee in December when he released his project Unbreakable, still one of our favorite projects, that closed out the year.

January 21, 2022 by Vuulm
lil yee lie together

Now Lil Yee is back with his third look Lie together off of the project. The video starts with a woman questioning Lil Yee, now I don’t know Lil Yee personally, but something about Yee tells me he doesn’t like to be questioned. Yee is cool, like world class cool,

“Baby this a pressy, this is not a submarine.”

I mean he’s just trying to add him up properly. Bust down Presidential Rolex aside, Yee is that guy that you feel if you bump in to him, you know the conversation would be down to earth conversation, no matter how big him and his music gets. The real draw is Yee’s pocket. One can not speed Yee up, he moves at his pace. And most importantly, Lil Yee knows who and what he is. 

Throughout the “Lie Together” visual, Yee shares cameos of the dearly departed as he toggles between rapping in dark spaces and rapping beneath a Billboard promoting his album in his city. Sticking to the theme of vulnerability, the Unbreakable track explores all the emotions that contributed to his journey and how it affects his interpersonal relationships.Lil Yeebeen dope catch up. 

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