Lil Yee Shows Out In His Latest Project "Unbreakable"

Combining melody with lyricism and experiences of raw emotional trauma, Lil Yee shows out in his latest project "Unbreakable."

December 9, 2021 by Xavvi
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Combining melody with lyricism and experiences of raw emotional trauma, Lil Yee shows out in his latest project Unbreakable. The emotional ride is cohesive in its execution and keeps the listener engaged as Yee shares his life story.

From heartbreak to struggle,Lil Yee tackles the subject matter with both ease and finesse. The Bay Area rapper does an excellent job catering to the ears of his west coast fan base, while also gathering different vibes from other cities. Enlisting features from PnB Rock, Babyface Ray, Lil Pete, Shaun Sloan, Lil Bean, TEC, and Rexx Life Raj on this release, all sounds flows work in harmoniously. 

2021 · 13 songs · 142 plays

Standout track "ChiAli," Explores the weight of the passing of his Yee’s late uncle and allows him to release his emotion on a solid acoustic beat. If the goal was to let his blossoming fanbase in, by being vulnerable, Lil Yee definitely hit the mark with "ChiAli."

Through pain in his voice he emotes in his first 2 bars of the song, “Why the fuck you die for / why you make me question God for?” And only through realization he shares, ”These tears don’t work.“ This type of vulnerability and pain is rare with rising artists. Trying to find closure, "4 Eva Ride," Yee, makes bold proclamations while trying to find solace in what we can’t control. “Ain’t no white flagging fuck the other side.” Yee sings.

Lil Yee does melodic pain rap and unfortunately, he sounds world class while doing it. I can only best describe it as good hurt. Speaking on his experiences leading up to the album release, Yee said, “I’ve had a life, and I’ve been through a lot. But it ain’t break me, so I’m still prevailing through it all.” 

The production shows a musicality that is not common with new artists. Pleasantly deviating from acoustic to a jazzy and filtered vocal beat, which allows the tracks to be consistent and refreshing at the same time. 

Another highlighted track on the album is "Need You" with Philly artist PnB Rock. Switching the theme from the passing of loved ones to the struggles in relationships, Lil Yee is able to include clever bars with a rhythmically sound melody. PnB Rock did what he is known for and provided an excellent verse that merged well with Lil Yee's voice. 

Rexx Life Raj threw down in the booth with his verse on "Flawless." Lil Yee picked an excellent track to end the album with. "Flawless" is not only catchy, but it adds a sense of confidence to the honesty that Yee spits. Not only did Raj blend his flow pleasantly with the beat, but Lil Yee was definitely in his pocket on this final song. @yee: Really I ain’t had to much to smile about but this album #unbreakable comment yo favorite songs or bars let me know who really rockin I love y’all deluxe on the way #citason #chiali #haiti

Overall, Unbreakable is a solid effort from an upcoming artist out of the Bay. Humans tend to look for music to help us feel and that is what “Unbreakable” delivers. Lil Yee is sure to be a household name soon enough.

Following his appearance on Zaytoven's mixtape "Zaytoven Presents: Fo15," we are glad to see Lil Yee deliver with consistency and talent to complete 2021.

We at Vuulm look forward to what Yee has to deliver in 2022.

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