North Carolina’s Latest Phenom, Farrahgamo Releases Visuals for “Been Onnat”

Farrahgamo, one of the 22 Female Rappers we are watching in 2022, dropped her latest video Been Onnat this past month and it’s clear the Greenville bred rapper is here to stay.

January 5, 2022 by Myah
Instagram: @thefarrahgamo, NC @thefarrahgamo - Very confident gritty rapper. Street element talk that is not for the faint of heart. A star. She is featured on Vuulm's Top Female Rappers We're Watching in 2022

"Been Onnat" produced by Chris Jefferys Jr. from Insynction Music is an up-tempo record with a strong bass. Gamo is riding the beat with the perfect southern cadence that makes it easily a club hit. The track is a mix of custom hip-hop talk yo s** flow, with pockets of Gamo’s honest sentiments on the game, “Let my pain tell my story, s*** turning to a demon.” and she’s spitting her real life, “Ain’t got time for this bulls***, I’m too busy catching flights, this rappin’ s***and strippin’ s*** makin’ bands all night.”

It’s that raw authenticity and hard percussion that makes the record stick with the listener. The video directed by Slick Like Nick is nothing short of hood archetypal visuals. It opens with Gamo doing donuts in a yellow Camaro and centers classic hood shots with the whole gang on the street, in the house and in the kitchen—a visual standard that has grown to be a rite of passage in hip-hop. 

 Farrahgamo’s "Been Onnat" is the newest drop since the release of her project Brimcess. The project includes southern hood classics like Mortal Kombat and Back2back, trap bops like Gossip ft. Fendi Benz and more rhythmic tracks like Real Talkft. TiaCorine. 

Although new, Gamo’s catalogue is fresh and authentic. Female rappers are taking over the rap game, but we haven’t seen anyone packaged quite like Farrahgamo and that’s why only one year into the industry and she’s already building a loyal fanbase. 

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