TikTok Shines Light on The Very Dope @yeahitsak

TikTok has a lot of creators on it, producing a lot of different pockets of entertainment. But the Black music content creators are the ones who really turned the app into the disrupter that it is known to be today. 
February 1, 2022 by Xavvi
Instagram: @yeahitsak

Wanting to highlight Black music creators during Black History month, for all that they contribute to the world and their app. When we’re please that TikTok sent over, @yeahitsak, also known as, Akintoye

Yes, the bonnet is very distracting, but don’t let that sidetrack you Akintoye can rap! Like really rap rap. But that is because he’s a lyricist. The best part is he looks like he is having fun while rapping. He makes complex rhyme patterns look enjoyable to write and remember, that alone is not easy. His skill level is high and he’s focused on delivering the highest grade of bars, Akintoye is a serious rapper. 

With 2.3 million followers, over 40 million likes, the bonnet, and looking happy while he’s rapping there is zero chance that he would not have any detractors. There must be at least a hater or two in his comments, there are thousands. Being that Akintoye makes music for the world, he released “Respectfully,” through United Masters. 

The song is a happy F*** you to his naysayers. Over a funky guitar rift, he raps with glee,

“F*** you, respectfully for your assertions that I wouldn’t make it off the melodies/F*** you, respectfully and everything you desire from me I can set on fire to these people you a liar.”

Akintoye is a rapper that creates content on TikTok. Hopefully he and his music isn’t punished for that.