“Whoa,” Girll Codee Are The Next Viral Sensation

There is a lot going on in New York City in terms of Hip-Hop and culture. Things like Bronx Drill, Brooklyn Drill, Sidetalknyc (Joe Bryon, bing bong), snow storm, and then there is Girll Codee.

February 4, 2022 by Vuulm
girllcodee whoa

Comprised of Brooklyn natives Shaa Biggaa and Hiii Siddity, there is an old cloth feel that these young women embody when they do their one-two. They rap, spit, wordplay, metaphors, smilies, more wordplay, in and outs like EPMD, or Jada and Styles. They will it off with heavy slick talk. 

There is a lot that makes Girll Codee dope, but the presence in mind to update the icon Big L’s Ebonics and kill it. The presence in mind to touch Mobb Deep’s shock one’s instrumental and body that too. They do their homework.

Back in December 2021, they dropped the visual to “Whoa.” The beat is crazy and there are drill elements to the song, but they talk chop cheese greasy on it. 

I stay in the lab like dexter/ Could be high of the Molly I feel like Sha’carri none of these b***** going to catch up. “I got a fetish for lettuce getting these buckets of chicken it’s giving Precious”

No cap, in these Girll Codee raps, they ran down on people before. “You’ll get smacked up quick!” Wardrobe stylings consist of red and black lumber jackets and buttas. They are valid!

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