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Female Rapper/Singer SKG aka "Helecia Choyce" hails from Los Angeles, California. SKG first got her start in the music industry when she was just thirteen years old. Performing at her first talent show Rowe Entertainment, taking second place and landing her a recording deal with one of her first producers Chewy from 17-day Production. SKG had to put her rap career on hold so she could graduate high school and also support herself being on her own at a tender young age. No matter what circumstances came SKG way she always kept a pen and paper to record the conversations from her soul. 

In 2000, SKG was discovered by Suge Knight and signed a major artist deal with Death Row Records. She was featured on the Multi-platinum album of Tupac Shakur “Until The End of Time” where she had the number #4 single "Let em Have" it which got major radio promotions. Due to this success SKG was given a platinum plaque for her participation with Tupac’s album success. SKG went on to feature on the Doggpound album "Doggpound" in 2002 with a song featuring her and Kurupt entitled "10 till midnite", which was released under Deathrow Records. 

In 2004, SKG was released of her contract from Death Row Records looking forward to a better future. SKG has worked with many artists in the industry whether it was recording music or interviewing, including Tupac Shakur, Lil Flip, Crooked I, 40 Glocc, Jim Jones, Krayzie Bone, Kurupt, L.T Hutton, DJ Skee, DJ Warrior, DJ Reflex, DJ Brad, Ice-T, Benzino, Lil Bootsie, Pharell, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, DMC, Fat Joe, Nipsey Hussle, Jadakiss, Styles P, Lil Rob, just to name a few. 

In 2007, SKG decided to do the first West Coast Hip Hop Award Show, which got major exposure and acknowledged a lot of underground rappers on the West Coast. Due to this success SKG was offered a Job at 93.5 KDAY Radio Station in Los Angeles where she helped organize and run events for Wendy Williams and Bernard Parks. SKG has released a single featuring Lil Flip entitled "Bad Chiq", a DVD entitled “What’s really Hood”, four mixtapes -- Separate the real from the fake, It is what it is Vol 1, Diary of a Drama Queen and HustleGurl 101 as well as gearing up to release her book “The Diary of Helecia’s Choyce #1 The Hustle within. And she’s just getting started. SKG flow is very unique and can capture your attention in the first ten seconds.

SKG writes all her own material and works very hard at trying to accomplish perfection within her music. SKG believes all females should carry and think of themselves to that standard. She has been through great trials and tribulations and at times it will reflect in her music.

SKG flips her style at times which just depends on how she feels at a particular time.  She will be releasing an album in the future as well as a part two to her book "The Diary of Helecia Choyce 2".